Hello blogger world, welcome to my new website, "annFabulous Life". It's not actually a new blog, but more of a new home. I thought of separating my life diary from my devotional blog for the sake of organization. Though I'm not really so prompt in updating my blogs I still want to maintain it because I'm really fond of doing this but it seems weird not to find time in doing things I like, hmm.
This blog site is called annFabulous' Life because it will depict my family's fabulous life, yep fabulous life in my own right. First and foremost it's not to brag that we are having a fabulous life in the real sense of the word. But it is to share that fabulous life  means everything is big, phenomenal,  incredible, unbelievable, or remarkable not only in the time where everything is smooth and succesful but also in the hour of trial, desperation and poverty. Why? because we have found it possible to maintain the spirit of joy in every circumstances, no matter how desperate life would be. We see God as our hope and joy, isn't that fabulous? Yep, annFabulous Life, a God-centered family life!!
Psalm 16:11- You will show me the way of life, granting me the joy of Your presence and the pleasures of living with You forever. (NLT)
So this blog will mostly be about me and my family. It will serve as my family's photo memory blog and a diary of my life's pieces of experience. My old posts from my previous blog, (wifemomptrp.blogspot.com which is now my devotional blog entitled God Instilled this in my Heart), are still posted here for the continuity of my family memories. I will not be posting every day but I will try to have one to three entries each month. This is something that I loved doing and I hope I can do it this time.